Many images on this site are available only as a limited edition of no more than 25 prints.  These images will be noted as such on the order page. Once one of these images has been offered for the 25th time, it will no longer be available.

All images are printed using either a high-quality inkjet printer, or a specialty lab.  They have been incredible to work with and consistently deliver superior results.

Along with traditional photo  paper, this particular lab also offers prints on Kodak Endura Metallic paper.  This unique paper offers a pearlescent finish that makes the images pop off of the paper. Flesh tones look natural, colors are saturated and details are crisp.  I will not use this for portraits, however, as it is not recommended. 


All images on this website are low resolution jpg images.  For all images on this site, I have a high resolution jpg or RAW image file.  These high resolution files will print up to poster size (20" x 30") in most cases.  However, some images must be printed smaller as they have been heavily cropped or modified.

All images are processed in one of three programs:  Photoshop CS2, Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 or Nikon Capture NX.  Most images have some sharpening applied, and some have minor color and lighting modifications.

From time to time, I will showcase the talents of a friend who has relevant photos.  These photos will be noted in the comments field when viewing the photos.

This site is in a consistent state of flux.  I will be replacing pictures on a regular basis. 


Stop back often.

I make every effort to assure all images and prints are of the very best quality and to assure your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not delighted with your photo or your session, I will do everything I can to rectify the situation, including a completely new session or a full refund if necessary